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Small Buildings

Our small buildings and housings range in size from approximately four square metres to twenty square metres in floor area. They are commonly used as:-

Sub-station Enclosures
Generator Housings
Telemetry Control Equipment Housings
Housings for General Plant and Equipment
Pump Housings
School Play Equipment Storage
Sports Equipment Storage
Pressure Washer Housings
Green Keepers Stores
Inflammable Liquid Storage

Our buildings are generally constructed from steel reinforced pre-cast concrete wall panels which can be pre-finished in one of a wide range of roughcast colours. The doors can be plasticoated, powder coated or plain galvanised steel of side hung or roller shutter design. The walls and door construction are non-combustible and can be designed with fire ratings of up to one hour. The roofs can be flat roof, pitched roof or tiled roof either un-insulated or insulated depending on your requirements.

The range of buildings available is as varied as our construction system is flexible. If you have an interest in modular concrete buildings and you would like to put our ability to test please contact us now.



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