Garage Refurbishment Time Lapse

The customer cleared the garage and we came in and carried out the following work:

  • removed the cement asbestos roof to a licensed disposal site
  • removed all the doors and windows
  • re-roofed the garage with new insulated roof panels, gutters and downpipes and maintenance free fascias
  • fitted a new insulated sectional main door
  • fitted a new insulated uPVC security personal door
  • fitted new double glazed uPVC windows
  • re-roughcast the outside of the entire garage
  • fitted new electrics all to the latest IEE regulations
Clearly the garage was too good for a car after that but made the perfect man cave!

Garage maintenance and service package

Annotated Concrete Garage

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new service to our range. We now offer a choice of GARAGE MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE PACKAGES. They will give you peace of mind that you have met the annual servicing and maintenance requirements of any garage doors that are still under warranty. Depending on the package you select it may also give you the peace of mind that you can satisfy your buildings insurance company that you have taken reasonable measures to check over your garage roof and doors. All of this without the burden of having to carry out the annual servicing and maintenance of your Roof/Door/Garage yourself. As always all of our work is carried out by our own in house, fully trained service team.

To go ahead simply contact us to let us know which of the options below you would prefer.


Remove debris from roof sheeting*, gutters & downpipes. Clean roof sheets*, fascias and flashings. Ensure all fixings are tight sealed and capped.


Wash inside and outside and carry out a full annual service as recommended by Hormann.


As options A & B combined and carried out in one visit.


As options A & B combined and carried out in one visit.

Full service as A and B for your Welsh Concrete Garage. plus: Remove minor build up of debris around garage walls, ensure all seals are in place between joints and tighten bolts as necessary. Inspect and maintain cement seals as required. Service side door as required. Clean windows etc.

*This service is for sheeted roofs. If you have a tiled roof let us know and we can work out an accurate fixed price quotation.

Up and Over Door Maintenance

Up and Over Door Maintenance

Most people take garage doors for granted, but maintaining your garage door to the right specification will keep your garage door young and fit. The most common type of doors are Canopy and retractable up and over doors. Canopy doors have a slight overhang at the front of the garage ie if you are standing at the front of the garage in the rain you won’t get wet. Retractable doors are designed to go fully inside of the garage when open. These are excellent when automated.

General Maintenance

All garage doors need some tender loving care at least once a year a bit like us. Firstly, visually inspect the general condition of the door, all components, and safety devices for completeness, proper condition and effectiveness. Then check that all the fixing points are tight. Tighten the screws if necessary. The mechanism of the door also needs some care. All the pivot points of the garage door need lubricated with a standard penetrating or lube oil. Do not use grease! On canopy doors you should inspect the cables for wear and tear.


The steel surfaces of the garage door needs cleaned with soapy water and a soft sponge at least every 6 months unless you live in a coastal area then this should be every month. If the door is more heavily soiled please use a mild, acrylic-compatible plastics cleaner. Your door also needs protection from caustic and aggressive substances for example nitrous reactions from stones or mortar, acids, de -icing salts and aggressive paints or sealants.

Our Maintenance Service

In fact, why not save yourself all this hassle and get in touch with D Welsh Builders about maintaining your garage door on a yearly basis! Our expert Door Fitters are experienced in giving your door the specialist tender loving care it requires!